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Service Down To A Science

November 28th, 2012

Project: St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
Location: Ridgeland, Mississippi

Andrew’s Episcopal School recently celebrated the grand opening of a 31,000-square-foot, multimillion-dollar science building, complete with state-of-the-art biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories furnished by Sheldon Labs. St. Andrew’s credits the outstanding service provided by Sheldon with making the high-profile project a success.

“Our relationship with Sheldon began when a small group of decision-makers visited the plant at Crystal Springs to meet with Sheldon’s people, see and hear about their products, and tour the plant to see lab furniture being made,” says Sandra Hindsman, chair of the St. Andrew’s science department. “We were all blown out of the water by the quality of the materials and construction of the cabinetry; the choice of woods, finishes, and cabinet hardware; and the versatility of lab tables. We were also impressed by Sheldon’s willingness to design whatever we wanted, and by our easy access to their designers and planners.”

Sheldon worked directly with all six of the teachers in the St. Andrew’s Upper School Science Department, designing cabinetry and furnishings for the chemistry, biology, and physics labs that met the specific needs of each instructor in each scientific discipline.

“Everything was customized for us. Nothing was ‘out of the box,’” Hindsman says. “If we could describe it, Sheldon could build it. If we couldn’t describe it, they asked us questions until they figured out what we needed. If we changed our minds as the process went on, they accommodated us without any hint of irritation. Sheldon’s transparency during the entire process, from design through production and installation, makes their commitment to customer satisfaction very obvious.”

St. Andrew’s goal was to create highly functional, versatile labs with an abundance of storage space, all with a fresh, contemporary, and uplifting look. According to Hindsman, “We got all of that.” Sheldon’s work has generated a positive response not only from St. Andrew’s teachers, but also from its students.

“The classroom and lab designs have really enhanced scientific pursuits at St. Andrew’s,” says St. Andrew’s senior Vineet Aggarwal. “Each of the major experiment-related science labs is equipped with new furniture and instruments to facilitate the learning process. For example, with physics, the tables themselves become useful teaching instruments by changing the heights of portions of the table. The furnishings make learning a more hands-on process. Students are more inspired to pursue science now than they ever were before.”

“My students’ attitudes are apparent when they are in the lab,” says Roscoe Stribling, St. Andrew’s chemistry teacher. “They’re motivated and excited about being there. One student even told me that it makes her feel smarter just being in the room, while another said the room ‘makes you want to learn.’”

“Having our classrooms and labs filled with Sheldon products instills joy, comfort, and positive attitudes in our students and our teachers,” Hindsman says. “When visitors come, they can’t believe the quality and beauty of our spaces, and most of what is visible in those spaces are Sheldon products.

“Sheldon’s furnishings make teaching easier, encourage more hands-on participation from the students, and encourage more long-term research projects or more complex lab projects. These are all things that have happened in our new spaces,” Hindsman continues. “If we had to do this all over again, we would choose Sheldon to design, build, and install our lab furnishings because we just don’t think there’s anyone better.”

Download Case Study (PDF, 272KB)

Furniture & equipment provided by Sheldon Labs to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School included

  • Mobile Axis tables
  • Synergy perimeter sinks
  • Climatarium II
  • Animal Study Center
  • Port-a-Plant
  • Skeleton Cabinet
  • Unique chemistry layout
  • Long term study work centers
  • Clear on maple cabinets