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Sheldon Laboratory Systems – Company Overview

Our Mission

Sheldon Laboratory Systems’ mission is to design and manufacture the most innovative and high-quality products for the laboratory furniture and furnishings marketplace. We will meet and exceed the expectations of educators, architects and contractors by providing educationally correct furnishings complete and on time‚Ķevery time.

Special Consultations

Prominent authorities in various fields of education work with Sheldon in designing educational facilities and equipping them for most efficient use. The counsel of these teaching professionals, plus the practical experience of Sheldon’s own engineers and specialists, is assurance that Sheldon school facilities are, and will continue to be, “Educationally Correct.”

Custom Designs

Custom designing is a Sheldon specialty. Lab furniture designs and sizes that are not standard cases, cabinets, tables, and other equipment can be produced as custom furniture and equipment for our clients. Sheldon engineers in charge of this service are widely experienced in school and architectural requirements. Many items that originated as custom designs with Sheldon have become standard in the industry today.

Work with Architects

Sheldon engineers work in the closest cooperation with architects in planning schools, hospitals, and other institutions. Many prominent architectural firms rely on the experience and insight of Sheldon for authoritative assistance on planning and equipment. We welcome and promptly acknowledge inquiries.