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Science Laboratory Casework

Science Laboratory Casework

Sheldon Laboratory Systems Offers More Than 116 Years of Laboratory Casework Experience.

At Sheldon Laboratory Systems, we take pride in using the highest quality materials and construction methods. Our construction means each cabinet built will last for decades, while maintaining its integrity and durability. Our standard warranty is:

Sheldon Laboratory Systems guarantees all materials and workmanship of equipment it provides for a period of one year from date of final acceptance. Any defects due to use of improper materials or workmanship occurring within that time will be promptly corrected.

Our “Classic” Series cabinet is built with oak, square‐edge fronts that have a wood edge band and are vertical match grain (Click here for specification). This is our favorite, but your cabinet can be configured in several different ways to change its appearance, from front material and style, to hardware and finish. For a complete list of your options, please click one of the links below.

Sheldon can build any style cabinet.