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Animal Study Center

Sheldon Labs Animal Study Center

Animal Study Center


The study of live animals becomes an absorbing learning experience for students who have the advantages of the Sheldon Animal Study Center. Important exercises such as the study of life cycles, feeding habits, nutritional requirements, the effects of heat and light, along with other studies in ecology, genetics and physiology can be carried on continuously and conveniently with the animals in the laboratory.


  • 56″ L. X 27″ W. X 74″ H.
  • Water-tight stainless steel pullout debris trays at bottom are easily removed for cleaning from the front without disturbing interior conditions.
  • Removable mesh bottom and three plated wire shelves are adjustable to accomodate any size cage or case.
  • Two cupboard storage compartments for food, bedding and one vented compartment are in base.
  • Switches on instrument panel control master circuit breaker switch, lighting, blower, and temperature. Control panel is covered with transparent Plexiglas and lock.
  • Blower to provide four air changes per minute.