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Sewing Center

Sewing Center

The Sewing Center is an all-encompassing unit, complete with pullouts, storage trays, electricity, and imprinted measurements. This specialized imprint for sewing labs has what is needed for measuring material, squaring it up, or folding it down, cutting armholes, and many other measurements needed.  The pullouts are ideal extensions for extra cloth, instruction booklets, or additional clean surface.


  • 65 3/8″ L. X 43 3/8″ W. X 30″ H. overall.
  • Unit includes: two pullout extensions; each extension with white melamine surface, two pin troughs, and onetote-tray, which is ideal for holding a bolt of cloth.
  • Two duplex receptacles are located on either side with a 10’ pigtail. Table has a cork tack strip on the underside length of the top used for pinning cloth and patterns.
  • Imprint top is write-eraseable with mulitple units of measurement.