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Portable Demonstration Unit

Portable Teacher Demo Units & Desks - Portable Demonstration Center

Portable Demonstration Unit


This mobile unit provides the instructor with the freedom to move throughout any space and maintain demonstration ability. The top is chemical resistant, and the stainless steel sink drains into a waste container that is stored in the cabinet below. The galley pump is another feature that allows complete mobility, with a small water reservoir also stored below.


  • 49″ L. X 24″ W. X 36″ H. Overall.
  • Mobile cabinet with two hinged doors moves freely on four swivel casters, two with locking brakes.
  • Services include 1-gallon polyethylene water supply container connected to chrome-plated rocker galley pump.
  • Stainless steel sink is connected to 1-gallon polyethylene waste container.
  • One duplex electrical receptacle with 10′ extension cord and grounded plug, four plastic tote trays, one upright rod socket and one upright rod assembly.


Contact for drawings.