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End Sink Version (8′ Version)

Traditional Teacher Demonstration Centers - End Sink (8' Version)

End Sink Version (8′ Version)


This Instructor’s Desk provides extra storage capacity with a double-door cabinet and a seven-drawer cabinet. A chemical resistant top and sink are provided, along with electric capability.


  • 96″ L. X 31″ W. X 36″ H. Overall.
  • SupportĀ cabinets include one sink cabinet and one seven drawer cabinet and one 24″ knee space.
  • Services include one Unicast combination cold water and double gas fitting; one G.F.I. duplex electrical outlet; one shelresin sink with sink outlet, strainer and stopper.
  • Unit is furnished with two upright rod sockets in top and one upright rod assembly.


Contact for drawings.