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Sliding Markerboard Assembly

22310 Sliding Markerboard Assembly

Sliding Markerboard Assembly

The Sliding Markerboard Assembly provides almost twice the writing surface a traditional markerboard offers in the same wall space. Equally important is the storage space this unit offers. The panels slide open for access to built-in storage shelves, and the lower section includes two cupboard base units.


  • 94”L x 22”D x 82-3/4”H. Overall.
  • Assembly shall consist of two lower case storage cabinets, and two upper open shelving units, each with two 1″ thick shelves.
  • Access to the shelving units shall be by moving the sliding marker board panels.
  • The marker board portion of the assembly shall consist of an anodized aluminum four track framework enclosing four sliding marker board panels.
  • A map rail with adjustable spring clip holders and tack strip is mounted on the top rail of the marker board.
  • Countertop is 1″ thick shelresin.