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Unimix Fixtures

The Unimix accommodates hot water, cold water, and gas in a single fixture.

Possible services include gas, air, and nuisance vacuum. Available in eight models equipped with varying combinations of water and gas.

Unicast and Unimix fixtures are available in ADA-compliant versions featuring wrist-blade handles and ball valves.

Both the Unicast and Unimix are equipped with aerators. Optional vacuum breaker, serrated hose connection and aspirator are sold separately.


  • Hot water, cold water and air
  • Hot water, cold water and vacuum
  • Hot water and cold water only
  • Both Unicast and Unimix are one-piece, solid-cast brass fixtures, heavier and stronger than traditional gooseneck fixtures.
  • The exterior finish is powder coated epoxy, a chemically resistant finish superior to common chrome.