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Island Sink Center

Island Sink Center

The Island Sink Center will meet any need for clean-up in any medium.  With a pipe chase above to house the services, there is room to complete the cleaning process in one place.  Multiple students can work simultaneously using all six fixtures on both sides of the sink.  The large stainless steel sink makes it ideal for any material, and there is storage provided under the sink.


  • Two double-sided base cabinets provide ample room for storage of clean tools and materials.
  • A removable closure panel shall be secured between cabinets allowing access to all plumbing services.
  • Stainless steel tub sink  measures 72”L x 22”W x 8”D.
  • Entire tub sink shall be formed to drain to center outlet.
  • Six cold water fixtures mounted to plumbing chase above sink.