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Trifacial Sink Center

Trifacial Sink Center


The Trifacial Sink Center provides sufficient counter work space and a larger space and tub sink for three students at once. This unit is a fixed unit, with a 34-gallon sink. The raised fiberglass turrets provide extra room for fixtures, while freeing access to the service outlets. Ideal for Biology or Chemistry, this unit comes in multiple top materials.


  • Three┬ásides of triangular configuration.
  • Center height adjustable at time of installation.
  • Top consists of center tub basin, service turrets and student work area with integral raised edge around perimeter.
  • Support structure of fire-retardant fiberglass reinforced polyester.
  • Pedestal of formed steel with interior reinforcements for securing to floor.
  • Also available with a round stainless steel sink.


Contact for drawings.